What kind of services and products Aceway International Limited provides?

1) Sourcing of manufacturers which produce the products you are looking for.
2) Creative and thoughtful advice on the products and packaging, especially when you are developing OEM, ODM or customized items.
3) Artwork preparation for products and packaging.
4) Rapid Prototype services by trusted partner maker.
5) Logistics advices and follow-up including contacting forwarder, delivery the goods to forwarder, bills of lading sending.

Toys, Gift, and premiums.
Include might not limited to the followings:
a. Halloween and Party toys and accessories
b. Summer toys items
c. Plastic & Soft-stuffed toys
d. Inflatable toys
e. Educational toys and games
f. Battery-operated toys
g. Animal toys
h. Printed paper products
i. Stationery
j. Promotional gifts and textile items

Why should we do business Aceway International Limited?

Aceway International Limited points toward provision of Appropriate Product, Service, and Price to our clients from selected sources in Asia Pacific region, also by offering you Creative ideas in product & packaging trends. Aceway's management team and our staff members value the importance of Express Response and Well-Organized Process. In addition, we Appreciate People (our clients, our suppliers and our staff members) and Environment (development of environmental-friendly products and packaging). Aceway International limited can build up Your rewarding way to satisfaction.

  • Appropriate Product, Service, and Price
  • Creative Idea
  • Express Response
  • Well-Organized Process
  • Appreciate People and Environment
  • Your rewarding way to satisfaction

DESIGN & QUALITY: The success of a product is not only determined in its prices, and we appreciate the credit from good design and quality. We have artists to provide opinions and also to work out the product and packaging design.

PERSONNEL - we provide responsible & responsive personnel to answering your enquires and following up your orders.

PROCESS: We focus on providing speedy, creative and thoughtful advice along side the sourcing and product development.

How does our company settle payment with Aceway International Limited?

We commonly settle payment in two ways:
1. Telegraph Transfer (T/T)
We welcome you to settle payment through telegraph transfer, usually done in a 30-70 basis, which means a deposit of 30% total amount to be paid when order is made, and later the 70% outstanding to be paid after the goods are ready and before the delivery of goods. This method is most commonly used by us and our clients.
2. Letter of Credit (L/C) (also known as Documentary Credit)
This method allows you to offer secure terms of payment in which a bank (or more than one bank) gets involved. The advantage is that this offers security to both your company and our company. But there are limitations like time line and failure due to Discrepancy within the L/C. The involvement of administration is so much increased and so as the workload and time involved. This is not as commonly used as T/T.

How should I start business or try out with Aceway International Limited?

We will mainly communicate with e-mails which involves mainly the following processes:
1. Understand your company background.
2. Getting information of what you need, in terms of services and products.
(This can be done in writing e-mails in words, also by sending product images, artwork design, and factory catalogues etc.)
3. Quotation of selected products send to you.
4. Negotiation of ordering prices, terms and alike.
When there is order to be made:
5. Order making by fax or email, usually with written Proforma Invoice.
6. 30% deposit to be paid by your side.
7. Production sample approval by you if necessary, afterwards production begins.
8. Goods are in production and production check-up to be done by request.
9. Goods are ready to be shipped, and 70% outstanding amount to be paid.
10. Arrangement of delivery of goods to forwarder for shipment.
11. After goods on board, the Bill of ladings to be collected by us locally and then send to your company's office by courier.