About Us

What is Aceway's company background?

Aceway International Limited is established in 1997, providing trading services with a focus on toys, gifts and premiums products. We are well-experienced in dealing with foreign importers, design houses, wholesalers, distributors, and alike, in sourcing out local and Mainland China factories to produce the right product with the right price. Besides OEM & ODM toys and gifts products, we are experienced in trading products of the following categories (not limited to the follow):

  • Toys and games
  • Educational tools
  • Stationery
  • Children beauty & accessories
  • Art & crafts
  • Gift sets
  • Festival decorations

From initial consult, we provide analysis, pricing and design solutions along with manufacturing consult along the way. Understanding a client, the profile of their customer as well as an insight into their own infrastructure enables us to provide clients with a better view to the type of product suitable for them.

If you are looking for a supplier located in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and do not have the connection yet, please feel free to send us an enquiry and we should response to you right away.

What is Aceway's vision?

To the public:
we aim to provide fun to children and young adults by producing innovative toys and gifts, this is only achieved without sacrificing and damaging the environment and human's health.
To you, our business partner:
We aim to provide you profits and satisfactions. This is achieved by providing quick & thoughtful response to your enquires and requests, and to find out the best solution in you best inertest.

What is Aceway's future?

As we have always doing business with importer, wholesalers, toys designers, etc. in toys and gifts trading, we will be keeping this type of business in operation. With the growing of other mainland Chinese companies like factories and trading companies, we know that our strength is our credibility and quality services.

Along side trading business, we are investing in research and development in designing our own product lines, which is again focused in toys and gifts products. The products will be shown worldwide and we aspire to develop our company into a world-famous toys and gifts making giant. Furthermore, we see our futures in producing other products besides toys and gifts.